Tucsen develops 95% QE sCMOS camera

Article By : Tucsen

The company is planning to launch the Dhyana 400BSI in a 1.2-inch chip package and offer 4MP images on standard C-mount microscopes.

Tucsen Photonics is developing a 95% quantum efficiency (QE) scientific complementary metal oxide semiconductor (sCMOS) camera for microscopy to its Dhyana sCMOS camera range.

sCMOS cameras offer higher sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution and acquisition speeds than other sensor types, incuding CCD. This makes them particularly suited to high-speed fluorescence imaging in scientific research.

Compared to the previous Dhyana 95, the Dhyana 400BSI has a smaller pixel size (6.5µm x 6.5µm). It also has a 1.2-inch chip size and will offer a full 4MP image on a standard C-mount microscope. According to Tucsen, the solution will offer information rich images at reduced capital cost.

Parallel to the hardware development, Tucsen’s Image Signal Processing (ISP) group will implement high speed embedded algorithms for advanced features to enhance performance and increase user productivity.

Tucsen plans to release a USB3.0 version camera in Q4 2017, with a high speed camera link version soon afterwards.

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