Tx/Rx module utilises 24GHz radar sensors

Article By : Infineon Technologies

K-LD2 is one of the smallest (25mm x 25mm) radar transceivers available with integrated signal processing and 80° x 34° antenna pattern.

RFbeam Microwave GmbH has introduced a low-cost transceiver system modules that utilise the 24GHz radar sensors BGT24LTR11 and BGT24MR2 from Infineon Technologies. They provide a plug-and-play-solution for original equipment manufacturers in need of either motion detection for persons or speed/distance measurement capabilities, according to the company.

Possible fields of usage include advanced motion detection, speed, direction and distance measurement. Application examples in these fields are movement and presence detection which can be integrated in e.g. advertising panels. In traffic applications, the radar system can be used for red light management for roadworks or speed detection, as well as car classification systems such as toll roads or car park barriers. Combining the technical features of the 24GHz industrial MMIC from Infineon with the RFbeam modules reduces time to market. Additionally, efforts and cost for the development of complex algorithm are minimised.

The modules of RFbeam include antennas either with or without an integrated signal processing enabling manufacturers of industrial radar systems to optimise their system’s capability. If necessary, this allows for the detection of speed and direction of movement (approaching or retreating) in addition to the easier detection of motion only. The current RFbeam portfolio offers three modules with various antenna characteristics, for MCU signal processing and different options for Doppler, FMCW (frequency modulated) or FSK (frequency shift keying) operation modes.

The new K-LD2 module features the radar chip BGT24LTR11 of Infineon. The K-LD2 is one of the smallest (25mm x 25mm) radar transceivers available with integrated signal processing and 80° x 34° antenna pattern. The module can be used for a multitude of applications where indoor/outdoor motion detection is required.

The new K-MD2 features the BGT24MR2 twin receiver MMIC of Infineon. It supports speed, range and angle measurement and delivers a digital output. The integrated range-Doppler processing is perfectly suited for high-end traffic applications. Each module offers a reliable and robust solution defined for specific applications with a precise measurement of object detection.

The 24GHz transceiver MMIC radar sensors BGT24LTR11 and BGT24MR2 offer a fully integrated low phase noise voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and built-in temperature compensation circuit for VCO stabilisation. Additionally, they have full ESD protection, 200GHz bipolar SiGe: C technology B7HF200 and single supply voltage of 3.3V.

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