USB3.1 memory card controller touts dual SD4.0 interface

Article By : Genesys Logic

The GL3225 family from Genesys Logic claims to support the highest reading/writing performance of SD4.0 memory cards, with and without over-clocking reference clock of UHS-II interface.

Genesys Logic has rolled out what it says is its high-performance USB 3.1 Gen1 memory card reader controller series. The GL3225 family features USB 3.1 Gen 1 PHY and dual SD 4.0 UHS-II PHY that Genesys Logic developed, and supports the highest reading/writing performance of SD 4.0 memory cards, with and without over-clocking reference clock of UHS-II interface, the company indicated.

Using the controller, customers can design both standard SD 4.0 and micro SD 4.0 card slots in single card reader device. In addition to that, GL3225 family also supports Compact Flash interface and Memory Stick interface. It offer customers the opportunity to support various types of memory cards in their card reader products.

When testing with latest SD 4.0 cards from leading SD card vendors, GL3225 family achieves 320Mbyte/s for reading and 270Mbyte/s for writing.

In addition to performance, thermal effect is another factor to consider in mobile card reader application. To solve this problem, GL3225 family integrates 5V to 1.2V DC/DC regulator to improve the power efficiency. Compared to traditional LDO regulator, the power consumption of GL3225 is 30% lower and customers can design tiny/compact card readers easily, added the company.

GL3225 family comes in different package types for different combination of supported card interfaces. GL3225 supports dual SD 4.0, CF, and MS interfaces and is available in LQFP128 package. GL3226 supports dual SD 4.0 and is available in QFN64 package. If single SD 4.0 interface is enough, GL3227 is the right choice and it is available in QFN48 package.

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