Virtual reality goggles fold like paper

Article By : EDN Asia

The smartphone VR goggles utilise the origami method to reduce the goggle's size to one of the smallest in the world.

Japanese companies DLX, White and Dentsu have teamed up to develop the Micro VR Kit, a paper virtual reality goggles that can be folded using the origami method.

As virtual reality becomes a familiar presence in business, many corporations have started utilising VR content to provide the public with new brand experiences. For instance, low-cost, simplified VR goggles are now being combined with smartphones to create an environment where virtually everyone can easily experience VR content.

The Micro VR Kit is a bit more lightweight and compact compared to other products, positioning them ideally for future corporate sales promotion activities and development of new corporate communications utilising VR, according to the companies.

The partners turned to the art of paper folding—origami—as the development concept for the Micro VR Kit. These smartphone VR goggles utilise the “folding structure” unique to Japanese culture to enable the goggle size to be decreased to one of the smallest in the world so that they fit in the palm of a hand (approximately 7cm x 2cm x 6cm). Pulling on the accordion-folded portion expands the goggles to about the same size as ordinary smartphone VR goggles, enabling VR to be easily experienced by simply putting in the smartphone.

The VR goggles also adopt the same lenses as Milbox which has acquired the Works With Google Cardboard (WWGC) certification, enabling visuals with a sense of immersion comparable to ordinary smartphone VR goggles even though they are compact.

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