Achieving Security-Efficiency Balance with Remote SSD Management in the Post-Pandemic Era

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Business face new challenges in the post-pandemic era. Remote work is preferred in many cases, and the number of edge devices is growing. As businesses transition to online work, they’re finding that efficient cloud-based remote management, and edge security solutions to prevent threats such as B.S.O.D (Blue Screen Of Death) or ransomware attacks are more important than ever. Furthermore, the requirements for real-time interaction and low latency are ever-growing, and ultra-high-performance SSD and DRAM solutions will take center stage.

Join us to see how Apacer is helping customers find an ideal balance between security and efficiency. We will be taking a deeper dive into these topics with our webinar.

This will be useful for those who wish to learn more about:

1. Simple and efficient ways to adopt cloud solutions for remote monitoring
2. Edge security including backup and recovery functions for SSDs
3. Apacer’s latest innovations, including DDR5, PCIe 4.0 and BiCS5

Product – SV25C Cloud Series SSD


Frank Henville

Apacer Technology Inc. – Technical Manager

Frank Henville holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing and an M.A. in Journalism. He is a passionate writer, editor, broadcaster and video producer. He has spent most of the last 20 years creating marketing and advertising content for Asian tech leaders and unicorns, and is currently a Technical Manager for Apacer.

Frank has delivered presentations and webinars that showcase Apacer’s technological innovations. He also produces white papers that document technical procedures in more detail. And he is involved with writing press releases for English-speaking markets.

He’s currently focused on the future of digital storage (especially SSDs and memory modules), the development of metaverses, techniques for protection against ransomware attacks, and SSD security.

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