XENSIV™ TLE4972 – Infineon coreless current sensor is ideal for xEV applications like traction inverters used in hybrid and battery-driven vehicles, as well as for battery main switches



XENSIV™ TLE4972, addresses ATV applications such as electric drives etc. The coreless open loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement – provided as an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon’s market-proven temperature and stress compensation the measurement error is very low with proper calibration. TLE4972 adopts differential measurement concept which suppresses common mode magnetic interferences and is suitable to operate precisely in a magnetically noisy environment. TLE4972 has two output pins for fast over-current signals.

Customers can program the threshold levels and deglitch timing values of the overcurrent signals and adopt them to system requirements without the need of additional external components. The over-current signals can be used for pre-warning or system shut-down. TLE4972 adopts two different packages to suit for wide PCB or module making requirement. The external rail current measurement makes the sensor extremely flexible to measure current on either PCB or bus-bar with different geometry while the high bandwidth makes the sensor suitable to measure high frequency AC current.

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