FEM/BEM Prediction of Parasitic Coefficients and Shielding Effectiveness in Electronic Enclosures


The behavior of an electronic circuit would ideally be determined solely by the properties of its components. However, stray coupling effects related to capacitance and inductance will modify the parameters of a circuit and cause unwanted interactions between components that should be independent of each other. This webinar will explain various phenomena and show the utility of modeling to quantify these interactions and the effectiveness of solutions such as introducing shields into an enclosure.

Doug Craigen, Ph.D.
Dr. Doug Craigen is the Team Leader of the Benchmark and Testing group at INTEGRATED. He has a B.Sc. as a Physics Major from the University of British Columbia and M.Sc. and Ph.D.in Semiconductor Physics from the University of Waterloo (1991). In the last twenty years he was an Assistant Professor at Acadia University, taught and researched at the University of Winnipeg, was self-employed and worked for companies in magnetic shielding interfacing equipment to computers, modeling microwave communication networks and analyzing test data. In 2001 he joined INTEGRATED; since then he has worked with scientists and engineers around the world assisting them in making decisions about how best to use software for simulations in diverse electromagnetic and thermal applications.

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In many cases, it is a combination of variables that affects models rather than just the electromagnetic or particle trajectory field. When such a combination of factors is involved, thermal and power systems design analysis is also required.
INTEGRATED is the industry leader in Boundary Element Method (BEM) CAE software. BEM not only provides the most accurate numerical field solutions, but it is also the method of choice for problems involving the modeling of space around the device: that is what we call “large open regions”. Today, no one else in the market offers such a variety of field solvers within the same software packages (BEM, FEM and FDTD). INTEGRATED takes pride in its achievement of combining state of the art technology with quick, responsive customer service and support.
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