Introduction to USB Power Delivery


The USB Type-C™ connector is taking the computing and smartphone markets by the storm. It is inevitable that it will penetrate to other applications because of the higher power transmission (up to 100W DC) and other features enabled by the Power Delivery (PD) associated with the connector.

During this brief webinar, you'll learn about:
• The fundamentals of USB Power Delivery.

• Design considerations when implementing USB-C and PD applications.
• Renesas USB PD, buck-boost and battery charger devices that can help speed time to market.

Register for this webinar to accelerate your USB Power Delivery design process.

• Philip Leung-Senior Staff Product Marketing Manager
Philip is currently managing the technical marketing functions for Renesas’ USB product line focusing on USB Power Delivery and Battery applications. Prior to handling the USB products, he was also responsible for managing various projects including video/set-top-box/graphics/core logic/PC platforms. Philip started his technical career as a graphic ASIC design engineer and held four US patents in stochastic supersampling/convolution computing techniques.

About Renesas
Renesas USB Power Delivery Family is the family name which is based on USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Standards. Renesas will line up new products for USB PD Controller to be able to select USB related components by customer easily.

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