PCIe: Beyond compliance

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

The PCI Express (PCIe) architecture is the core of most computer designs connecting the processor and memory subsystems to the endpoint devices via the root complex. The growing demand for speed pushes the limit of adoption in various design and drives the needs for standardization in PCI-SIG. With this, the PCIe compliance testing requirement has to go beyond what is typically required. In situation where probing and fixtures have limitation to follow a compliance testing requirement, then additional workaround may be needed to make confident measurement.

Working closely with PCI-SIG, Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of solutions for PCIe compliance testing. In this webinar:
• Get a glimpse on how a compliance test is done and learn how advance oscilloscope features help in going beyond standard testing
• Get insight into design and performance of their high speed I/O design.

For more information on Rohde & Schwarz solution for PCIe compliance test, click here.


Jithu Abraham -Product manager, Oscilloscope and Probe
Jithu Abraham works for Rohde & Schwarz as a product manager for the oscilloscope product division. He enjoys all aspects of high-speed digital testing, automotive electronics, wireless communication and all the challenges they bring. Jithu holds an engineering degree in electronics and communication from the Anna University in India and a master’s degree in RF systems from the University of Southampton. He has been working for Rohde & Schwarz for over 12 years.


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