Wide input controller operates up to 175°C

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The LTC1871X features a 2.5V to 36V input voltage range that is ideal for high temperature applications.

Linear Technology, recently acquired by Analog Devices, has introduced a wide input range, current mode, boost, flyback or SEPIC controller that drives an N-channel power MOSFET and requires few external components. Intended for low to medium power applications, the LTC1871X eliminates the need for a current sense resistor by utilizing the power MOSFET’s on-resistance, according to the company.

Optimised for high temperature environments up to 175°C, the LTC1871X features a 2.5V to 36V input voltage range that is ideal for high temperature applications such as oil exploration drilling equipment with power sources ranging from 3V to 36V. The device's electrical parameters are 100% tested at 175°C, offering a VREF accuracy of ±2% over the entire –40°C to 175°C temperature range.

The LTC1871X’s flexibility for use in boost, SEPIC or flyback topologies is ideal for a wide range of battery-powered applications commonly found in downhole drilling applications, according to the company. The LTC1871X’s Burst Mode operation offers low quiescent current, well suited for applications that require extended operating battery life, while specialised Cu/Ni/Au bond pad plating ensures long life in high temperature environments while a tiny MSOP-10 package offers a highly compact solution footprint.

The LTC1871XMS, offered in an MSOP-10 package, is priced at $125 each in 1,000-piece quantities and is available from stock.

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