Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor reference design enables high-resolution medical imaging

Article By : Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor have developed a reference design that enables high-resolution medical imaging.

Mark Eslinger, Joe Hupcey III and Nicolae Tusinschi

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor have developed a reference design to enable medical image diagnosis and procedures with unprecedented video resolution. The offering encompasses secure, cost-effective, uncompressed, high-bandwidth video connectivity and advances camera imaging. The joint reference design is currently under evaluation by leading medical imaging device manufacturers.

Medical imaging devices, such as MRIs, CTs, robotic surgery and endoscopy solutions, require high-bandwidth uncompressed video connectivity. Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor have developed a solution that enables uncompressed 4K60@4:4:4 video transmission over copper cable while complying with the strict medical isolation specifications.

Core components of the EVS3-EVK2-KT-3000-MD reference design are the Valens Stello VS3000 chipset, compliant with the latest generation of the HDBaseT standard Spec 3.0, and the WE-LAN HDBaseT transformer from Würth Elektronik (749054010). This ensures galvanic isolation and compliance with the IEC 60601 standard for safe electrical equipment in the medical environment.

“Valens Semiconductor has long been a market leader in the audio-video industry and our technologies are making inroads into adjacent markets such as medical imaging,” said Gabi Shriki, SVP and Head of Audio-Video at Valens Semiconductor. “This collaboration is testament to Würth Elektronik’s continued leadership in the market and underpins their role in the HDBaseT ecosystem. Medical imaging is an expanding market. Our joint offering enables better and safer healthcare for patients around the world.”

“Würth Elektronik has the only solution that can isolate a connection with such high bandwidth,” said Alexander Gerfer, Chief Technology Officer at Würth Elektronik. “There is strong demand for higher image quality in the medical segment. The combination of our transformers and Valens Semiconductor’s world-class chipsets covers this demand. We’re a market leader and pioneer in technological innovation, so we are confident that manufacturers will use this solution.”


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