Xilinx expands FPGA, SoC lineup for industrial IoT

Article By : Xilinx

The Spartan-7 family offers a 28nm-based FPGA in an 8mm x 8mm package.

Current embedded vision and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications need to collect, aggregate and analyse data from a variety of sensors for actionable insights, which means that multiple FPGA or SoC devices are needed in the product to achieve the goal.

Xilinx has expanded its Spartan, Artix and Zynq product families to address any-to-any connectivity, sensor fusion, precision control, image processing, analytics and safety and security.

The Spartan-7 family offers a 28nm-based FPGA in an 8mm x 8mm package, enabling the portfolio's most cost-efficient connectivity solution for both legacy and cutting-edge interfaces, while delivering the highest performance-per-watt sensor fusion and precision control in a small form factor.

The newly added Artix-7 FPGA devices provide best-in-class image processing bandwidth in multi-sensor embedded vision with greater power efficiency at small densities.

New Zynq-7000 all programmable SoC single core devices offer low cost entry-point to a fully scalable, ARM processor based Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC platform, delivering a cost-optimised single-chip solution for analytic functions and cloud connectivity. Utilised across the portfolio is a multi-layered approach to safety and security, including processor-driven secure boot and the latest generation bitstream encryption and authentication to address the growing concern of cybersecurity in the IoT.

These portfolio extensions complement the recently announced dual core CG MPSoC products to provide a continuum of options of single to dual core A9 on 28nm process technology to dual core A53 on 16nm process technology.

The enhanced portfolio is enabled in the upcoming 2016.3 release of the Vivado Design Suite for IP-centric and system-centric design and implementation, as well as Xilinx's SDx software defined environments, empowering both hardware and software developers to meet aggressive design schedules typical in cost-conscious markets. The Spartan-7 family, Artix-7 FPGAs and Zynq-7000S devices will be supported on the Vivado Design Suite WebPACK Edition, as well as the Vivado Design and System to enable immediate development.

Spartan-7 device sampling and Zynq-7000S production devices will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2017.

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